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About me


I'm an English-French freelance translator based in British Columbia, Canada. My specialization is agriculture thanks to an extensive past professional experience in this field. In 1992, I trained under the supervision of a revisor at the Canadian government's Translation Bureau, while taking courses to complete my Translation Certificate in Winnipeg. I transitioned from in-house work to self-employment in 1998. I offer translation and proofreading services to a variety of clients - government and non-profit organizations, corporations and translation agencies. I have learned as much about agriculture since I started to translate documents as I knew before transitioning to this profession, and I acknowledge life is a continuous learning experience.

I translate most of the texts submitted to me, and I rely on selected freelancers like myself when needed.


When my family and I moved to Vancouver Island, former colleagues would ask me, "How is life in Lotusland?". I was looking for a name, my wife and I liked the sound of it, so that's how this name came to be.

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